Clarity, Efficiency, Accuracy:
BlackLine Financial Close
Management Solution

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The manual process of closing the books, doing reconciliations or tracking important financial reporting has traditionally been labor-intensive, time-consuming and inaccurate. BlackLine's cloud-based accounting software automates these processes—it is the new, smart way to do business.

  • Streamlines accounting and finance controls processes
  • Increases ROI by decreasing staff time
  • Accessible by all members of the team
  • Reduces possibility of errors
  • Cuts down on paperwork and lost documents by attaching documents electronically
  • Provides greater accuracy and more precise financials
  • Improves the external audit process
  • Speeds up period close
  • Improves regulatory compliance

BlackLine Features

Finance Controls and Automation Suite Products

This integrated suite of six distinct products streamlines the accounting and finance controls processes. Each product is designed to handle specific functions and is compatible with all external systems including all major ERP systems.

Task Management

Control and monitor any accounting or finance process. This product incorporates highly-configurable task lists and workflows that automate previously manually-generated items like: month-end close checklists, recurring journals, tax filings, exceptions and auditor request lists. Incorporates an online document repository and features real-time alerts and allows for for global time zones and holidays.

Transaction Matching

Ideally suited to businesses with high volume transactions. Match and reconcile millions of transactions in minutes. Automates detail-heavy operations like bank reconciliations, credit card matching, intercompany reconciliations and invoice-to-PO matching. Easily detects any unmatched transactions and has a mechanism to handle exceptions.

Journal Entry

Centralize and control the creation and posting of manual journals. This module ensures seamless integration of journals with reconciling items, transaction matching groups and exception handling. Journal templates are configurable. Integrated workflow streamlines the approval process and creates a full audit trail.

Account Reconciliations

Eliminate manual spreadsheets and increase efficiency, control and visibility. BlackLine Account Reconciliations automates and standardizes the reconciliation process. Errors are reduced, accuracy is improved and balance sheets are verified.

Consolidation Integrity Manager

Eliminate the manual work in system-to-system tie-outs. BlackLine's Consolidation Integrity Manager (CIM) plays well with others -- ideal for companies running complex systems including global operations, multiple ERPs or more than one general ledger. The automated reconciliation of cross-platform accounts minimizes time spent and maximizes accuracy by eliminating manual tie-out. Put away the post-it notes, toss the scratchpad. It's time to automate and manage your financial close with BlackLine.

Variance Analysis

Reduce risk by automating flux analyses. Increased regulatory demands require that companies set and manage variances in a transparent manner. Integrated with the BlackLine Finance Controls and Automation Suite, this product provides monitoring of all types of accounts including both balance sheet and P&L accounts. Foreign exchange differentials can be calculated and explained. Built-in rules-driven approach assures that variances are analyzed prior to numbers reaching financial statements.


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