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Edward Thomas Associates BlackLine online accounting software, man looking over ocean

BlackLine: Better for Your Bottom Line

Nobody looks forward to the manual process of closing the books. It’s a labor-intensive, time-consuming – and often inaccurate – process.   Wish you could close your books without those concerns?   Online accounting system BlackLine …

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Xero accounting client relaxing on the beach

Xero Gets You Out of The Office

Ever think you’d be invoicing from the couch? Reconciling on the beach? Xero cloud-based accounting software gives you the option of handling the financial aspects of your business from anywhere. All of your data is …

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Edward Thomas Associates. CIO Hats

Is Today’s CIO Running the Show?

Step off an elevator these days and the C-Suite appears to occupy the entire top floor.   You’ve got your CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CLO, CCO, CDO. It seems there’s a new Chief title created every day. …

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Edward Thomas Associates: Birds in dollars square to illustrate small business accounting cash flow

Bank on It: How to Manage Cash Flow

Any business owner has heard the sayings, “Money Talks” or “Cash is King.” When your company has cash on hand–or in the pipeline–it operates most efficiently. You are able to pay your employees, yourself, your …

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Hands on Tablet: Cloud-based Accounting

12 Reasons Cloud-based Accounting is Taking Off

Business owners usually wear several hats. The thinking cap, the creative beret, the sales and marketing topper. Not too many want to don the green visor – the once-popular headwear of accountants.   Shuffling piles …

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How to Select an ERP System

Before choosing a system, the company needs to make sure that it has the right people on board, including an experienced project manager. This person can make the selection process more effective, not to mention …

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How do you know if you need a new ERP system?

The first step is to identify the reasons driving the desire to get a new ERP system.  Some good reasons include: Reliance on a small group of people operating the system Dependence on Excel spreadsheets …

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